Personally…  I kinda liked the movie.  I know it’s getting a lot of shit from critics and even while I was in the theater, people all around me were talking shit, and a few even left before it was over….

What’s interesting to me is that maybe everyone didn’t like the idea of a unseen force causing people to kill themselves.  It seems too fantastic and unrealistic.  Except that it is happening…  in Japan.  [spoiler alert].  And the cause isn’t the trees…  it’s an economic system and the fact that such a rich and technologically advanced country cannot provide for its elderly.  Not having the resources to take care of themselves, the depression leads to suicides….

And it’s happening to US Soldiers during wartime, US teens during an economic recession and war, and increasing among the US population in general…

It’s happening, and it’s no suprise that this is going on during an imperialist war, imperialist-caused global warming and at a time when our wages are falling, people are being kicked out of their homes, gas and food prices are up….

The movie suggests to avoid the Happening, people should break up into small groups.  However, here in the real world, perhaps what we need to do is actually to band together and attack the root cause of the Happening….