Michelle Malkin is a Filpina?!?!??!?!

For months, I have heard of this name brought up in various blogs such as Slog, with commentators making fun of this ridiculous conservative, similar to Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Reilly or Anne Coulter.  I remember hearing something about Michelle Malkin railing on Michelle Obama.  Thinking of the name (“Michelle Malkin”) made me think of another Anne Coulter looking person.  It seemed like another petty Fox News personality so I never took much interest in finding out more about this person…

Turns out, she is one of the most right wing reactionaries in the world!  And a Filipina!  And overfilling with internalized hatred and assimilation!  And she got her start in Seattle in the 90’s!

Did anyone else know this?  I’ve never heard of this brought up.  Was I the last to know?